US Presidents

Learn facts about the US Presidents

The US Presidents iPhone application helps you learn facts about all the Presidents of the United States. Memorize all the details and then quiz yourself to see how well you know your Presidents.

Interactive Flash Cards

Each flash card has relevant information about each President. Swiping your finger from right to left will show you the next card. You can go to the previous card by swiping from left to right.

Start memorizing

When “touch to reveal” is “on” in the options view, your flash cards will not initially show only some of the content on the card. This allows you to mentally test your knowledge of all the data on that card. You can check if you were correct by pressing anywhere on the screen and revealing the rest of the information on the card.

Mix things up

By activating "shuffle" in the options view, you will study flash cards in a random order. Any time you want to reshuffle the decks, all you need to do is shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to get a new randomized card order. The shuffle option will help you learn the characters without relying on a specific, set order.

Quick Look-up

To look-up a specific card, you can scroll through the list of all the flash cards you are studying, in the “card table” view. You can also jump directly to a specific deck by using the card deck menu on the right side of the screen.

Tailor your quiz

Quizzes are based on your selection of options:

  1. Bullettesting material limited to the decks you selected

  2. Bullet10, 25 or 50 questions to fit your schedule

  3. Bulletwith or without audio as best suits your set-up

Follow your progress

You can view a history of your results by pressing the “score” button in the quiz view. The score view will list the date of the quiz, your grade, percentage of correct questions, quiz score and the amount of time taken to complete the quiz.

US President Cards

Each flash card contains the information:

  1. BulletThe name of the President

  2. BulletThe number of the President

  3. BulletThe term that the President served

  4. BulletFinally, the party that he was affiliated with when elected

  5. BulletAlso included are pictures of all the Presidents

Flash Card Content