Gujarati Cards FAQ

How can I change the order of the cards?

In the Options view, to avoid memorizing based on card sequence, you can turn on shuffle to randomize the card order. Then you can also go to the next card by shaking your device instead of flipping through.

How can I test myself?

In the Quiz view, you can test how well you’ve memorized the characters by answering multiple-choice questions. The quizzes offered are comprehensive, testing your ability to recognize written characters and their pronunciation. You have the option to resume an interrupted quiz and your performance on completed quizzes is recorded so you can monitor your progress over time.

Why can’t I resume my quiz?

When you are interrupted in the middle of a quiz, you will have the option to resume that particular quiz unless you change the options. For example, if you change the character sets you are studying, since that changes the content of your quiz questions, you will have to start a new quiz.

How do I select the answer for the audio quiz questions?

When the answers to a quiz question are play buttons instead of characters, you can play the audio files to listen to the pronunciations. Then, chose the answer button under the correct pronunciation to answer the quiz question. Pressing the play button again will not select the answer, so you can listen to the different pronunciations several times, if needed.

What is the background art?

When you launch the application, the background is a segment of a painting by a Gujarati artist. We really like this artwork and hope you enjoy it as well.

What is Gujarati Cards?

Gujarati Cards is a great tool you can use to learn Gujarati vowels, consonants and numbers with a flash card for each character. Each card includes the character’s writing, reading, audio (by a native speaker), and English transliteration. We use the ISO 15919 2000 standard for Gujarati transliteration.

What about conjunctive vowels and consonants?

In Gujarati, when you combine certain vowels with consonants, and certain consonants with other consonants, the end character will be different than the character - we refer to these as conjunctive vowels and consonants. We are in the middle of finalizing how these characters will be presented and will release an application with them shortly.

How can I flip through the cards?

To flip through the cards, slide your finger across the screen from right to left. If you need to review a card, moving your finger from left to right will take you back.

How can I find a specific character quickly?

In the Card Table view, all the characters are listed for quick reference, with their reading, pronunciation, and translation. To find your character even faster, you can choose the character type in the list of links on the right of the table.

How can I focus on one type of characters?

In the Options view, you can select the card decks you want to study. The selection will apply to the flash cards, card table and quiz questions.

How can I start testing my memorization without using a quiz?

In the Options view, you can activate “touch to reveal” which is a great way to start testing yourself by keeping the reading and translation hidden until you press on the card.