BMI Simple

What is BMI Simple?

BMI Simple is a simple, easy to use, iPhone application that allows the user to quickly calculate a Body Mass Index (BMI) value based on height and weight values they provide. BMI Simple also goes one step further and calculates the maximum amount of weight gain needed or the minimum weight loss needed to reach a ‘normal’ BMI value. Finally BMI Simple calculates BMI Primes and displays it as well.

How much does BMI Simple cost?

FREE - nada - zip - silch - $0.00

How do I use BMI Simple?

You need to have either an iPhone or an iPod Touch running iPhone OS 2.0 and above. Install the application via the App Store or download it using iTunes and then sync the application with your phone. Once installed, simply touch the BMI Simple icon, type in the weight and height numbers and you’re done.

What is BMI Prime?

BMI Prime, a simple modification of the BMI system, is the ratio of actual BMI to upper limit BMI (currently defined at BMI 25).

What are the ranges for BMI?

BMI             BMI Prime     Classification

< 16.5          < 0.66         Severely Underweight

16.5 - 18.5     0.66 - 0.74     Underweight

18.5 - 25.0     0.74 - 1.00     Normal

25.0 - 30.0     1.00 - 1.20     Overweight

30.0 - 40.0     1.20 - 1.40     Obese

> 40.0          > 1.40         Morbidly Obese

How does BMI SImple calculate weight to loose or gain?

The application calculates the amount of weight gain needed or weight loss needed to reach a BMI of 25 for the height provided by the user.

What are the height and weight values BMI Simple accepts?

The minimum acceptable height is:

1.96 feet [23.6 inches/60cm].

The maximum acceptable height is:

9.84 feet [118.1 inches/300cm].

The minimum acceptable weight is:

19.8 lbs [9 Kg]

The maximum acceptable weight is:

1400 lbs [635.2 Kg]

Are there plans for international versions?

Yes, I intend to support French for the next release of this application.

What is the most recent release of BMI Simple?

Version 1.0